Living Essences 2 – Diagnostic Keys to the Subconscious


Learn diagnostic techniques that will give insight beyond intellectual limitations and provide a clear picture of the driving forces within the subconscious mind and with this insight facilitate a healing journey using flower essences.

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During this short course students will;

  • Deepen their understanding of human behaviour by exploring the inner workings of the mind
  • Identify the patterns of thinking that bring health and happiness to your life and relationships and those in need of healing and transformation
  • Discover the self assessment techniques that reveal healing pathways for change and renewal.
  • Experience natures mind-body medicines and the healing solutions they bring to your life path.

A person can perceive with their five physical senses and make rational judgements based on the incoming inferences, but this seldom gives the ability to see inside the human heart. The perceptive therapist has and open mind, an empathic perspective and what could be termed a “sixth sense”, intuitive perception, giving them insight into the core of the client’s problems. This sixth sense could be seen as an inherent or developed empathy with other people, even those with very different perceptions and responses to life. The therapist who has this ability invariably earns the respect and trust of their clients. This short course is designed to train or enhance the student in the development of these human and inherent abilities.

Theory and practice meet in this short course with the study of Wisdom and Survival Concepts. Life is a journey with a kaleidoscope of experiences. What people seek from those experiences is happiness. Of course there are many experiences that are painful and disturbing and have the opposite effect. It is important to understand a person’s response mechanisms to such experiences. Are they prone to view experiences negatively, instinctively reacting in order to avoid loss and pain, or are they prone to ask why an experience occurs, look at the causes and as a consequence develop wisdom? 

Using this knowledge in assessment and counselling deepens the student’s ability to understand human response mechanisms, enhancing counselling skills and the ability to heal.

Students are also taught techniques that take students beyond the intellectual limitations of both client and therapist to give a clear picture of the driving forces within the subconscious mind.

  • Flower Affinity Assessment
  • Baihui Diagnosis
  • Body Scanning Techniques

How to prepare dosages and handle and store the mind-body medicines, completes the study of Diagnostic Keys to the Subconscious.

Lecturer Kadambii Barnao
Venue: Available online or on campus at LiFE Academy, Sanori Medical and Sports Centre, 126 Grand Boulevard, Joondalup.
Cost: $379 for series of 8 sessions. Pay now through our online store and get access to your online course materials within 48 hours or contact us using the below enquiry form and explore other enrolment options including our affordable payment plans.

Included Resources

Access to recorded online classes, enabling participants to study this short course at times suitable to work, family and lifestyle commitments
Mind-Body Medicine module booklet.

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